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We are a performance coaching and training consultancy creating powerful change…

The Wilsher Group is a specialist training, coaching and consultancy provider with over 25 years experience in the field of creating powerful change, promoting high-performance teamwork and generating business excellence


High Performance Teams

Our unique 4 pillars of High Performance Teamwork (HPT) have not come from university research, but from the hard realities of international rugby. Drawing on his experiences as part of world-class teams,  Matt Perry, (Bath Rugby, England, The Lions and the Barbarians), helped us create and develop this distinctive and highly-effective approach.

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C-me Profiling

The Wilsher Group has developed its own behavioural profiling system to help clients get the best with, for and from their people. C-me is simpler, more flexible and more cost effective than other similar products in the market, and has proven itself in use with a growing range of clients. C-me enables individuals to recognise and understand both their own preferred ways of working and that of others around them. This improves communication, enhances contribution and creates better balance across the team.

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This highly-interactive programme is designed to create leaders who can generate powerful visions and inspire their people to follow them, and create managers who can both work more effectively and understand better how to develop and motivate their teams to get the most out of them.

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