+ Novia +

As an ambitious entrepreneurial company building platforms for the financial services sector, Novia has achieved great things. Bright thought leaders were brought together by the CEO – Bill Vasilieff.  The challenge was to make sure the company could deliver what demanding clients wanted on time and within budget.  They needed to work together extremely well.

We met with the CEO and SMT to discuss their situation and aspirations.  We used our '5-D' process for co-designing the right solution for Novia. We clarified a common goal, issues and opportunities and how the team could best work together using TWG workshops, coaching and profiling.

Novia has dramatically grown in funds, number of clients, revenue and profit.  It has also set up a new company, Novia International, on the same principles.

We have very talented, strong minded people, all of whom knew exactly how the company should be run but all from the perspective of their own job! ...our top people respect The Wilsher Group and so were prepared to look at things in new ways...Waterhouse is an ideal place for open minded thinking...C-me colour profiles are brilliant for understanding each other’s preferences and T-15 helps us raise our team game. Game, set and match.
— Bill Vasilieff, CEO, Novia

+ VISA Europe +

Being market leader in the payments industry in this age of innovation and start-ups is a challenging place to be. Visa enjoyed 60% of the payments market but with the huge competition in the mobile payments space and the EU fees, it was a real game changer. Visa knew that many competitors could come in with radical solutions that would render ‘plastic’ payment obsolete.

a.    The Wilsher Group worked with the EMC (Executive Management Committee) for three years to find even better ways of leading.
b.    The technology funded brought in talented technologists who could drive the creativity to provide great solutions as quickly as smaller, more agile companies.
c.     We formed strong teams in days rather than months to build platforms for mobile payments and other solutions. This led to significantly faster delivery of solutions, on time, on budget, to meet customer requirements. A radical shift for such a large, complex organisation. 
d.      We used C-me colour profiles, High Performance Teamwork and Strategic Partnering to lift the creativity and delivery capability. 

Visa Europe were able to : 
+ Raise revenue every year over 18 years.

+ Raise employee engagement from 60% to 80% (43 to 80 in one case).
+ Adapt strategic partnerships with main suppliers.

The Wilsher Group are brilliant at working hard to understand Visa’s business requirements, getting alongside those who are responsible for delivery and then helping them do just that - deliver to a very high standard. They were also uncompromising and skilful in getting value with and for our strategic suppliers – one of the biggest reasons we were able to deliver major projects many said weren’t possible.
— Steve Chambers, CIO for 10 years, Visa Europe

+ WRc Plc +

WRC needed to grow in order to stay as influential in the utility sector. More competition and huge demand for innovation put pressure on everyone to be more than experts in their field. 

a) The Wilsher Group worked with the Exec team to clarify their roles and the value each contribute.
b)  We established a common goal. 
c) We agreed ways of working in this team.
d) We worked out how to get the best for and from each other.

WRc now have:
+ An exec team that is fit for purpose and that has raised the performance of middle management.
Significant growth.
+ New vision and determination.

We have worked with the Wilsher Group for some 10 years as we are very aware that talent management is essential to reach our ambitious growth goals. We recruit very bright, able people who are good at what they do. However, today we need to them to be so much more than technically excellent. The Wilsher Group helps us to help them raise their game. We all now know what success looks like, we have clearer action plans and better ways of working together. The time we spent at Waterhouse, their centre near Bath, was a watershed for us and it will make realisation of our growth goals more probable.
— Mark Smith, CEO, WRc Plc

+ Send A Cow + 

Send a Cow’s desire is to create an even greater impact in Africa to relieve poverty. Their ambitious goal is to invest £14M in projects by 2020, a doubling of their already significant impact.

New CEO, Simon Barnes has set out the stall and worked with his Exec Team and The Wilsher Group to get commitment to that goal.

Using High Performance workshops, C-me profiles and coaching, we helped the Exec and middle management to understand how to get the best for and from each other and to raise their game.

Clarifying the values and vision has galvanised the Send a Cow team to make even greater impact on Africa. They are playing to each other’s strengths and understanding what each needs to do differently to reach their growth goals.

I am impatient for growth, think big and expect delivery. Not everyone initially finds that comfortable but we are getting acclimatised to working with each other and with the extraordinary commitment of the Exec, SMT and staff to our very challenging growth aspirations, we will get there. Millions of people in Africa will enjoy new-found resources and training to lift themselves out of poverty, getting their children to school and experiencing a fairer society.
— Simon Barnes, CEO, Send a Cow